Have a custom Christmas!

Have a custom Christmas!
November 21, 2014 The Sticker Factory

Christmas penguin stickerAcross the country Christmas tree lights are being switched on and in the office we’ve eaten our first load of mince pies (but certainly not the last), it must be festive Friday!


We all know Christmas is about the giving, not the getting, and that’s why we’d like to talk to you today about our custom stamps and stickers. Custom stickers are great for adding your own personal touch to Christmas cards, presents and crackers, as well as making fabulous festive rewards for your pupils and great gifts. We have a whole variety to choose from, including our Christmas compilation which contains 10 sheets of 35 stickers, customised with five of your own captions and featuring a whole cracker full of Yuletide favourites such as snowmen, Christmas puddings and robins.


Our custom stampers make perfect presents too, and are fully customisable with the wording of your choice, from ‘Mrs Barnes says Merry Christmas’ to ‘Mr Smith says I’m brilliant’ and everything in between. There’s a choice of over 35 different images and five coloured inks, and with each stamp lasting for thousands of impressions, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Or why not treat yourself to a personalised stamp? They’re perfect for spicing up your Christmas gift tags and presents.


Make sure to order your custom stamps by the 10th of December and all other custom items by the 15th of December so we can get them to you by the 25th. Head over to our website to have a look at our full range of custom stamps, stickers and lots more besides.


And as it’s festive Friday we have three more weird and wonderful Christmas snippets for you to enjoy!

1. It is unlucky to cut a mince pie with a knife.

2. Presents in Syria are not delivered by Santa Claus, but by one of the Wise Men’s camels.

3. The definition of a white Christmas in England is one snowflake falling on the roof of the London Weather Centre.


Custom products Xmas mix

We have a great variety of custom stickers, stamps and other rewards that make perfect presents and festive rewards!

custom Christmas stickers

Have fun with our custom Christmas stickers. They’re perfect to stick on presents, cards and as Christmas rewards.


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