Give the dog a sticker

Give the dog a sticker
June 3, 2014 The Sticker Factory

Sticker dogWe’ve been getting to know the people behind the stickers and our series wouldn’t be complete without meeting the resident office dog, Ludo. Half poodle, half labrador, all dedicated office dog, we sat down for a latte, a bonio and a good old chin-and-tail-wag.


Em (resident Sticker Factory blogger): Ludo, thanks for meeting with me, I know you’re pretty busy. What exactly is your role at the Sticker Factory?


Ludo: Where to start, my office is upstairs with Vanessa and Steve, the directors of the Sticker Factory and my main role is really helping them come up with ideas and products as well as the office stuff like spreadsheets. I think it’s important to get lots of fresh air and exercise to stimulate the brain so I insist on having a lot of meetings al fresco.


Em: With ice cream?


Ludo: It means outdoors.


Em: Oh right…


Ludo: I like to take Steve and Vanessa for a walk most lunch-times. I also do some security work and keep a watchful eye over the Sticker Factory from my bean-bag.


Em: What’s it like working with the family?


Ludo: It can be tough sometimes but I’m pretty good at keeping them all in line.


Em: What’s your favourite Sticker Factory product?


Ludo: It would have to be the new budget stickers, they’re great value and you get a brilliant range of designs but it’s hard to choose, there are so many fantastic products. I think education is vital and our products are very important to motivate and reward the pups.


Em: Do you have a favourite subject?


Ludo: I love literature. I devour Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, especially in hardback, nice and crunchy.


Em: Ludo, thanks for meeting with me. Good boy.


Ludo: *tail wag*


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Ludo was styled by Poochi dog wear with mud and stick accessories.



desk dog

Not another spreadsheet!

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