Getting to Know Us…

Getting to Know Us…
February 20, 2017 The Sticker Factory

Did you know...? stickerHello hello and welcome to another hefty helping of Sticker Factory trivia in the form of a fabulous five things you might not have known about The Sticker Factory. Read on to find out all about big birthdays, sticker sightings and rewards around the world.


1. It’s our 20th birthday this year (I know, we don’t look it). We’re looking forward to celebrating with lots of cake, balloons and, of course, plenty of stickers!


2. All of our stickers (and badges and charts and bookmarks and everything else) are designed by us in house and printed in the UK, some just a few miles away from our base in Suffolk. Great Britain, great stickers!


3. Our stickers get around a bit; they’ve been spotted on TV and as part of an exhibition at The Wellcome Trust (the UK’s largest medical research company).


4. Our products go all around the world, from America to Australia you can find some of our products on nearly every continent (except Antartica, but our new penguin scented scratch ’n’ sniff stickers could change all of that…)


5. Our most popular sticker design is… our classic star! A star like no other, it’s one of our first designs and as popular as ever.


To find out more about The Sticker Factory and all of the lovely things we offer, visit our website, we’d love to welcome you there soon.


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