Getting the best from your reward chart

Getting the best from your reward chart
April 30, 2012 The Sticker Factory

Reward chart with mixed imagesReward charts are a tried and tested, very successful and economic way to motivate and reward children for so many different tasks. From cleaning teeth and tidying up, to doing homework and helping wash up, they are great for children of all ages to encourage positive behaviour and achievement.


We’ve put together some ideas about how to get the best out of your reward chart which will help children stay focussed, positive and encourage them to keep up the good work:



Use reward charts for specific goals.

Make it really clear exactly what is expected of the child for them to be rewarded with a sticker or tick on the chart. Be sure that all adults who are involved know exactly when a sticker can be given so there is no confusion for the child or them.


Use reward charts for new activities.

Reward charts are great to help introduce new activities and routines to children, such as potty training, putting away their toys and going to playgroup or starting school. The sense of achievement for getting a sticker on their chart will reinforce that the new activity is something positive, helping them naturally adopt it and ease into something new.


Use reward charts to encourage good behaviour.

Reward charts can also be an effective way to help encourage good behaviour. When filling in what the chart is for, keep the focus on the positive. For example, you could reward a child for “playing nicely and sharing” rather than “not fighting over toys”. A sticker on their chart will give children a clear visual representation of how well they’ve behaved and motivate them to keep up the good behaviour.


Find your reward.

Before starting the chart agree a small treat or reward to be awarded when the chart is completed. This could be something like choosing a favourite meal to have, a trip to the park or watching a film with you. Try and avoid too many material rewards such as toys, as this may lead to manipulative behaviour if done too often.


Remember, the best reward for good behaviour is positive attention and time spent with you.



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