Get more for your money at The Sticker Factory

Get more for your money at The Sticker Factory
February 12, 2013 The Sticker Factory

10mm caption compilation stickersWhat is significant about the end of March? For many, this marks the end of the financial year, and any left over School budget needs to be used before the new one comes in.


With budgets being cut left, right and centre we’re all looking for ways to make them go further and save where we can. When it comes to stickers, we have the ideal solution. It will help you save money and also use any spare budget on something that really makes a difference in the classroom. We’re talking about the brilliance of bulk buy.


Let’s give you an example… you can have a reel of 1000 ‘Gold Star Award’ stickers for £45, this saves you £45 when compared to buying 1000 in packs of 50. Or you could have 7,500 (50 sheets) of our popular 10mm captioned compilation stickers for £29.75, that’s half the price of buying them in packs of 750 (5 sheets). With 18 bulk buy products we have so many money saving options and there are some great bargains to be had.


Investing in bulk buy options is not just for the end of the financial year, it’s also a great option all year round. Take a look at our bulk buy range and make your stickers and your pennies go further.



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