From Suffolk with love

From Suffolk with love
April 24, 2014 The Sticker Factory

From Suffolk with love daisyPicture the scene: A dewy green Suffolk meadow just kissed by the rays of the morning sun. Out go our sticker maids, rosy cheeked and bare footed, to collect pails of fresh stickers, singing as they go:


“Oh stickers we will pick.

Sticker maids are we.

We gather stickers fresh so that they keep their stick.”


The stickers are then towel dried and lovingly packaged ready to be sent out to you. Ok, we may be exaggerating a little here but we really do love our stickers, and if they did grow in the meadows opposite our office that’s the kind of thing we’d do.


We do home grow a lot of products in our office in Suffolk though. We make lots of our badges here and print a lot of our stickers, charts, star cards, bookmarks and all sorts of other lovely rewards. We also customise stickers using labels that come from just one mile down the road, and source all of our products and materials right here in the UK.


This means that we’re able to provide you, our lovely customers, with exactly the rewards you want pretty quickly. Often we get a customised sticker order in the morning and by the next afternoon they are already on their merry way. We also design pretty much everything ourselves and are always thinking about new exciting stuff for you. Whatever you fancy it’s always from Suffolk with love.


Head over to our virtual sticker meadow and discover all of our Suffolk and UK grown rewards on our website.


37mm custom sticker mix

Our 37mm custom stickers are just one of the many products we make right here at our offices in Suffolk.

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