Friday Fact File: Pick and Mix Stickers

Friday Fact File: Pick and Mix Stickers
February 14, 2014 The Sticker Factory

Pick and mix reward stickersIt’s Friday, it’ Valentines day, it’s nearly half term, so many things to fit into one day! That’s why this weeks ‘Friday Fact File’ comes in the form of a quick fire Q&A with some of our pick and mix stickers. Nice and easy to fit in to a busy Friday, or any other day of the week!






Sticker Factory: Name?


P&M stickers: 38mm ‘pick and mix’ stickers, pack of 1500 stickers (20 packs).


SF: Quite a mouthful! Age?


P&M stickers: 9 years old. It was our birthday on the 8th Feb.


SF: Happy belated birthday! Number of designs available to choose from?


P&M stickers: 99.


SF: Price?


P&M stickers: £35.42 (£42.50 incl. VAT). That makes the packs less than half their single pack price.


SF: What a jolly good deal! Uses?


P&M stickers: Reward, motivation, encouragement and general sticker fun. There’s also a great range of health care stickers to choose from for being brave, seeing the doctor, visiting outpatients and lots of other things.


SF: Favorite colour?


P&M stickers: French ultra-marine blue.


SF: Very specific, but excellent choice! Thank you for being this week’s Friday Fact File focus.


If you want to find out more about our pack of 1500 38mm pick and mix stickers (20 packs) then you can visit them here.


Just some of the stickers designs available, there’s also lots more to choose from!




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