Friday Fact File: Multistamps

Friday Fact File: Multistamps
January 24, 2014 The Sticker Factory
Praise multistamp.

Add a bit of Sticker Factory fun to your Friday.


This week’s Friday Fact File comes in the form of a Q&A with our new improved multistamps. We’ve got the tea and biscuits at the ready, so let’s begin.


Sticker Factory: So, you’ve undergone a bit of cosmetic work lately, tell us more about that.


Multistamps: Well, we were finding that our old casing wasn’t staying together as well as it should, so, like a hermit crab, we needed to shed our old shell and find a better, more secure solution.


Sticker Factory: Yes, we’ve had plenty of inky fingers from looking into it! Now you’re settling into the new improved casing, how are you finding it?


Multistamps: Much much better. Everything is nice and secure, and very smart too!


Sticker Factory: Jolly good. Moving on from casing then, where do you feel your strengths as a product lie?


Multistamps: Where do we begin?! We’re not just one product, we’re a big family (Sunday lunch is quite the occasion!). From French and Spanish, to assessment, praise and more, there’s lots of us. We all have 4 handy stamps in one stack, so save space and are easily portable, and will last for thousands of impressions. We also look pretty smart on desks, nice and bright and cheerful like.


Sticker Factory: It certainly sounds like you make marvellous marking companions. Tell us something about yourself that our lovely readers might not know already.


Multistamps: Ok, so this is pretty exciting: we’ve just welcomed a new range of multi image, multi caption custom stack stamps into the family. They’re a bit shy being new and all, but we think they’ve got great potential and are going to become pretty popular around here. They’ve already got the sparkly stickers taking bets about which set (3, 4 or 5 stamps) will be most in demand.


Sticker Factory: One last question: if you could be any other reward product for a day, which would it be and why?


Multistamps: Probably wristbands. They’re something a bit different and they look like they make pretty great rewards, though not quite as great as a multistamp of course!


Sticker Factory: We think you’re both equally as good! Thank you very much for your time, we’ll let you get back to the multistamp family.


Well that concludes our Friday Fact File for this week, be sure to check back for more soon as well as all of the latest Sticker Factory news.


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