Friday Fact File: Badge of Honour

Friday Fact File: Badge of Honour
January 30, 2015 The Sticker Factory

autumn term 100% attendance badgeThis freezing Friday we’re getting to know one of our favourite Sticker Factory products a little better. We’ve put together a little Q&A fact file about our attendance badges, one of our best sellers and all around good guys.


Name: Attendance badge. There are a few varieties of us: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Term 100% attendance and ‘Well done 100% attendance’. We come in an assortment of colours and look brilliant on the front of a school jumper.


Age: 8 years, and our ‘Well done’ are the young guns, just 1 year old! Our star design was one of the very first at the Sticker Factory and it’s been a classic ever since.



Eyes: Black



Smile: Dashing.



Size: 38mm.



Weight: That’s a bit personal!



Price: £5.63 (£6.76 incl. VAT) for a pack of 20. Very good value if you ask us.



Nationality: British. We’re originally from East Anglia so very local, though some of us are now made in Bromsgrove in larger batches and then make our way to Suffolk.



Favourite SF product: We’re a big fan of the fruit badges, they’re a great way to encourage children to eat fruit, vegetables and healthy delicious things. (We couldn’t agree more: chocolate oranges, toffee apples etc. are a vital part of The Sticker Factory fruit bowl).



Tell us about yourself: We look great pinned to a school jumper and we’re a perfect way to aid the important three way communication between schools, students and home, providing a great conversation starter when the kids get home which helps to reinforce the message of positive encouragement.


All in all our attendance badges are a super way to reward achievement. Visit our website to have a look at these brilliant little badges and the rest of our super rewards.

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