Five things you might not know about…Scratch and Sniff

Five things you might not know about…Scratch and Sniff
December 15, 2015 The Sticker Factory

scratch and sniff stickersIt’s been a little over two months since we introduced our new 38mm purr-fume pet scratch and sniff stickers to the world. We’re very happy to say that they are settling in well and working hard to reward, encourage and motivate. Today we thought we’d dig a little deeper to take you through the sweet smelling world of scratch, sniff and scent. Buckle up and take a nose dive right into our top scratch and sniff facts.


1. Humans have around five or six million cells forming odour detecting patches in their noses. Rabbits have 100 million, and dogs have about 220 million! Our new bonio stickers are yet to catch on however!


2. Our noses actually account for more of our sense of taste than our mouths do.


3. Smell is linked to memory and emotion. Marcel Proust’s epic In Search of Lost Time was based on his remembrance of childhood triggered by the smell of a madeleine cake.


4. The science behind the smell on scratch and sniff stickers is pretty cool. The aroma of the sticker is captured in lots of micro-capsules which sit on the sticker’s surface. When the sticker is rubbed these capsules break, releasing the smell.


5. Scratch and sniff technology has been used in films and computer games. A gas company even used it to send people information on what a gas leak would smell like.


Take a trip over to our website to feast your eyes (and your nose) on these lovely stickers. At a price of just £4.25 (£5.10 incl. VAT) for a pack of 75 stickers these sweet smelling beauties are unique, fun and the perfect marking companion.


sweet berry scratch and sniff stickers

A lovely set of sweet berry scratch and sniff stickers for a unique reward!

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