Five things you might not know about… Pick ‘n’ Mix Stamps

Five things you might not know about… Pick ‘n’ Mix Stamps
March 23, 2017 The Sticker Factory

pick and mix stamps for teachersHello hello and welcome to the latest offering of Sticker Factory trivia. Today it’s the turn of our super money saving pick ‘n’ mix stampers, one of our favourites. Simply select your four favourite designs and we’ll lovingly pack them into a very special, very exclusive Sticker Factory pencil case.


This beautiful bundle costs just £16.13 (£19.36 incl. VAT), saving up to £3.03 (£3.64 incl. VAT) compared to buying them individually.


Here’s five things you might not know about this super stamp selection…


1. The most popular stamp is… the red star! We all love to see a star next to our work!

2. There are over 50 stamp designs to choose from in the pick ‘n’ mix range, with a range of images from bees, stars  and ticks to smiley faces, two stars and a wish and dinosaurs. There’s also a whole host of captions, from ‘Even better if’ and ‘Your next step is’ to ‘Well done!’ and ‘Superstar!’ That means there’s something for everyone!

3. Each stamp will last for thousands of impressions.

4. Stamps are available in a variety of colours: red, blue, green, purple and black.

5. All of the stamps, and the pencil case, are sourced in the UK. Great Britain, great stickers.


Take a trip over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our rewards.


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