Five things you might not know about…’Credit’ Card rewards

Five things you might not know about…’Credit’ Card rewards
May 19, 2015 The Sticker Factory

super star award cardsHello hello and welcome to the latest slice of Sticker Factory trivia. Today it’s the turn of our ‘credit’ card rewards, with guaranteed 100% pupil interest rates, these little beauties are perfect to increase communication between home and school. Each card contains a space to write a child’s name and the date. They look fabulous on a fridge or a bedroom wall, in fact pretty much the only thing they can’t do is pay for your shopping. To celebrate these little lovelies we’ve put together a few things you might not know about the best ‘credit’ card on the market!


1. There are fifteen designs to choose from in the ‘credit’ card reward range, including stars, aliens, Union Jacks, and dinosaurs. There’s also a variety of captions including ‘Well done!’, ‘Super star!’ and ‘I had a great day!’

2. They’re all designed by us, and we print and chop the cards right here at The Sticker Factory.

3. We wanted to offer a neat little alternative to certificates. Small and perfectly formed, the ‘credit’ card was born.

4. The idea of being able to use a credit card as we know it was described in Edward Bellamy’s 1887 novel ‘Looking Backwards’. Our ‘credit’ cards are a bit more recent however, our first joined The Sticker Factory family in 2010.

5. We can customise ‘credit’ card rewards with your personal message and a choice of 25 designs for just £6.46 (£7.75 incl. VAT) for a pack of 40.


Prices for the cracking credit cards start at £2.92 (£3.50 incl. VAT) for a pack of 40. Swipe over to our website to sneak a peek at these and the rest of our rewards.


star of the day cards

One of our lovely little sets of ‘credit’ card rewards! They’re all ‘credit’ card size (90 mm x 51 mm)

customised 'credit' card reward

We have 25 designs you can customise for an extra special reward!


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