Five Things you might know about…Pick ‘n’ mix Stickers

Five Things you might know about…Pick ‘n’ mix Stickers
July 31, 2015 The Sticker Factory

Pick and mix reward stickersHello hello and welcome to our latest offering of Sticker Factory trivia. Today it’s the turn of our 38mm pick ‘n’ mix stickers. These super rewarding stickers come in a pack of 1500 at a super price of £36.67 (£44 incl. VAT) which makes them less than half their single pack price, meaning that for every 20 packs of 75 38mm stickers you only pay for 10! Great value, but did you know there’s more to them than meets the eye…


1. There are 112 designs to choose from in the pick n mix option, including stars, snails, owls, aliens, smiley faces (and many many more) and they cover a wide range of topics, from stickers for health care to stickers for school and home.


2. All of our pick ‘n’ mix stickers are designed by us and printed right here in the UK. Great Britain, great stickers!


3. They’ve been part of The Sticker Factory for ten years and have been one of our best sellers since they were introduced in 2005. The range includes some of our original and most popular designs.


4. The Sticker Factory has three graphic designers who are responsible for nearly all of the designs on our products, including our pick ‘n’ mix range. We’ve got stickers in here we designed back in 1997 when we first started (our dino, snail and spider to name but a few!), and the newest editions were added just a couple of weeks ago!


5. We couldn’t find a definitive list of the most popular pick ‘n’ mix sweet option but we know that the most popular pick in this range is the super star sticker. We guess that makes it equivalent to the bon bon, or the rhubarb and custard, or the flying saucer, or the cola cube, or the liquorice comfit or the… (we couldn’t agree here on a favourite either but the debate is ongoing).


Head over to our website to have your pick of fantastic rewards.


Just some of the stickers available as part of our 38mm pick ‘n’ mix 20 pack option!

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