Five Things you might know about… Curriculum Stickers

Five Things you might know about… Curriculum Stickers
September 25, 2015 The Sticker Factory

curriculum sticker mixIt’s been over a year since we introduced our National Curriculum inspired stickers (how time flies!) and we’re very happy that they’ve become a firm Sticker Factory favourite with you, our lovely customers. We’ve received some lovely feedback about them and we are pleased as punch that they’re helping you reward and motivate your wee ones. Today we thought we’d do a little digging and unearth our top five things you might not know about these super stickers.


1. There are two sizes of National Curriculum inspired sticker, 24mm and 38mm. The 24mm variety come in a pack of 140 and all feature a subject specific image and the caption ‘well done’. Our 38mm stickers feature a variety of subject specific captions and images relating clearly to learning objectives and topics.


2. There are twelve subjects covered by these cracking curriculum stickers including, in no particular order: English, Geography, History, Spanish, PE, Music, and many more.


3. All of our 38mm curriculum stickers feature our favourite stripey chap, curriculum bee. During the designing stage our lovely artists decided to include a unifying character across all of the stickers and what better than a hard working bee, buzzing with excitement to reward and encourage children’s learning.


4. In fact if you had all twelve packs of the 38mm range you’d have 900 bees, enough for your own sticker apiary!


5. The best selling curriculum stickers are our 38mm English variety with captions including ‘Lovely handwriting’, ‘Excellent use of punctuation’ and ‘Good speaking skills’.


Head over to our website to have a look at our cracking curriculum stickers which are on offer until the end of September. That means you can enjoy 15% off either our 38mm or 24mm stickers with prices starting at just £3.12 (£3.74 incl. VAT).


Please note, offer ends 30.9.15 and discount shows when you view your basket.

curriculum sticker mix

All 24mm curriculm stickers singles

A super subject specific range of stickers!

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