Festive Friday: Christmas badges

Festive Friday: Christmas badges
December 11, 2015 The Sticker Factory

Happy Christmas badgesIt’s the first festive Friday of 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re re really getting into the festive spirit here at The Sticker Factory, there are mince pies by the barrel load, tinsel by the truck full and more sparkles than you can shake a stick at.


Today we’d like to talk about our Christmas badges. They’re bright and colourful and chock full of Christmas cheer. Plus they’re pretty handy too. We’ve made a rundown of their top five festive functions:


1. To add an extra treat to Christmas cards.

2. To reward festive games and competitions in the classroom (or the staffroom!).

3. To put in crackers as a fantastic alternative to paper hats.

4. To reward whoever washes up after the turkey, nutroast or whatever’s on the menu!

5. To mark teams for the traditional after lunch board game.


There are three varieties to choose form featuring a range of Christmas characters and captions.


Check out our 38mm ‘Happy Christmas’ badges featuring five designs (including reindeers, fairies and Christmas penguins). They cost just £5.63 (£6.76 incl. VAT) for a pack of 20.


Plus our 38mm Christmas star badges are so festive you might have wise men coming to the door. A pack of 20 is yours for £5.63 (£6.76 incl. VAT).


Or have a look at our 25mm Christmas character badges. Featuring Christmas trees, snowmen, fairies and more, and at a price of £4.96 (£5.95 incl. VAT) for 20, they’re the perfect Christmas treat.


Take a trip over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our Christmas offerings.

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