Encourage a smooth transition back to school

Encourage a smooth transition back to school
August 29, 2012 The Sticker Factory

We can’t believe that many schools have now started again for a new academic year! The summer holidays are great, and after a long break it’s understandable that some children may be nervous or a little bit reluctant about going back to, or starting school.


A little extra encouragement can go a long way to helping children ease back into or start a new routine. Reward charts are a very effective way to achieve this and children respond really well to them. The sense of achievement for receiving a sticker on their chart will help reinforce that going to school is something positive and that you’re proud of them. This will help children naturally adopt and ease into the routine.


We ran a trial with some of our reward charts and one mum and Year 1/2 leader told us:


“I used one of the charts with a year 2 child who struggled coming into school. They loved the reward of having the chart and choosing the sticker. Focus was taken away from coming into school and leaving parent. They loved it!”


For an effective way to help encourage a smooth transition back to school then take a look at our reward charts, badges and magnets for a system that children respond really well to.


Have a look at our ‘Getting the best from your reward chart’ for some more handy hints and tips.



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