Design story

Design story
January 19, 2015 The Sticker Factory

monster effort stickerHere at The Sticker Factory we like to think our designs are utterly unique, you won’t see them anywhere else other than Sticker Factory products.


Why…? We design our stickers and rewards ourselves in house. Vanessa (founder and director of The Sticker Factory) is a graphic designer and designs almost everything you see, from the very first stickers we ever made (including the pink dino, happy snail and less-than-scary spider) right up to our more recent designs.


We also have another talented graphic designer who created our custom certificates and other stickers you’ll see like our dental, Eid and Hanukkah stickers. Vanessa’s also teaching Ruth the art of sticker designing leading to some brand new designs, like the sea side range you may have seen recently.


A lot of thought and time goes into our designs, we want to make sure we’re giving you something that we think will be effective when you need a reward and make an impression. Visit our website and get to know our quirky and whimsical characters and see how they can help you reward and motivate.


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