Children + stickers = reward and achievement

Children + stickers = reward and achievement
June 26, 2014 The Sticker Factory

maths stickersWe’re continuing our celebration of our new range of National Curriculum inspired range of stickers. This week we’re turning all mathematical with our new 38mm Maths stickers. We thought we’d get into the spirit and give you some maths teasers to get your teeth into, so eyes down, calculators away and please show your working out.


1. Out of a group of 100 teachers, 50 of them love the new maths stickers because they are bright and colourful, 15 of them love them because they are designed and printed in the UK, 25 think that the captions are brilliant, 10 of them think that they provide a great range along with the rest of the curriculum stickers. What percentage of teachers think that they’re bright and colourful?


2. Turn this triangle of new maths stickers upside down by moving only three stickers.

 triangle of maths stickers puzzle


3. Mr Smith gives out 27 new maths stickers in an hour, Ms Daniels gives out two in ten minutes and Mrs Jones gives out seven in twenty minutes. How long will it take them to give out 120 lovely new stickers?


4. A pack of 75 38mm stickers costs £3.79 excluding VAT. What is their price including VAT?


Sneak a glimpse at these and the rest of our new curriculum stickers here…We’re off for a slice of pi.

maths curriculum stickers

What a marvellous bunch of maths stickers!



1. 50%


triangle of maths stickers puzzle solution



















3.  2 hours

4. £4.55 including VAT.



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