Bulk buy perfect for any spare budget

Bulk buy perfect for any spare budget
March 13, 2012 The Sticker Factory

Gold star metallic sticker with the caption 'Gold Star Award'We are rapidly approaching the end of March, where has the year gone?! For many schools this marks the end of the financial year, and means that any allocated budget that may be left over has to be used up before the new one comes in.


If your school has any budget left and you are wondering what to do with it, then wonder no more! We have a great solution for you. We have a fantastic bulk buy section on our website which gives you the option of buying products in larger quantities for much less than if you bought the same amount in individual packs.


In our bulk buy section a reel of 1000 ‘Gold Star Award’ stickers is £30, which saves you £55 when compared to buying 1000 in packs of 50 over the course of a year. That’s just one product, we have 15 different ones to choose from in our bulk buy section, from stickers to bookmarks and charts!


Bulk buying is a great way to stock up for the rest of the year to come, and make fantastic savings on some of our most popular products. It also means that you’re spending any left over budget on something that can really help make a difference in the classroom.


Take a look at the bulk buy section on our website and see what fantastic products you can save on and help use up any left over budget.

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