Books glorious books! World Book Day 2014.

Books glorious books! World Book Day 2014.
February 26, 2014 The Sticker Factory

books stickerBooks are glorious things, so much so that we have World Book Day to celebrate them and spread the brilliance of books and reading.


This year World Book Day is Thursday 6th March. It’s a fantastic time to encourage and inspire children to read, and with so many of £1 book vouchers given out each year, lots of children can enjoy a book for just 100 pennies. It’s fantastic!


Reading is a really important skill, it helps us learn so much, and can provide hours of fun and inspiration. Sometimes children need a bit of extra encouragement to read, and it’s important to help them understand why reading is beneficial and reward them for their efforts.


Reward bookmarks and stickers are a brilliant and cost effective way to monitor progress, reward reading, and help children feel motivated to keep up the good work. Take a look at the World Book Day website for more information, and for lots of handy resources for schools, libraries and more.


For a wonderful range of motivation and reward products to go hand in hand with your World Book Day activities, take a look at our bookmarks and stickers to reward, encourage and motivate your readers.



Reward bookmarks

Use these bright colourful bookmarks with our range of 10mm stickers for a great way to reward and encourage your readers.

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