Better than chocolate..?

Better than chocolate..?
February 13, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Easter pupil gift packsIf there’s one thing the shops want us to associate Easter with then it’s chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. As soon as the tinsel is down the Easter eggs appear, we saw some before new year in our local supermarket! But what else do we associate with Easter? Hot cross buns, The Easter Bunny, daffodils and last, but most certainly not least….. Easter half term.


The Easter holidays, it’s music to so many ears. Easter is a great time to give a little gift, put a spring in someones step and celebrate the season (which will hopefully mean some dry weather with sunshine!).


Our Easter gift packs are a wonderful way to reward pupils for their hard work and achievements during the term. With a pencil, character badge and bookmark, they’re great fun and will help encourage reading over the holiday too. They also make perfect prizes for any end of term activities.


They may not match chocolate for taste*, but if you’re looking for an ideal little gift for your pupils this Easter then look no further.


*We can’t verify this statement and no one should ever try to!



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