Beautiful badges

Beautiful badges
February 22, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Easter reward badgesBadges are beautiful. They’re also practical, and we’re not just talking holding a cardigan together when a button’s missing (although that is a good use for them).


We like to think of badges as the big brother of the sticker. They make great rewards, let children know that what they’ve achieved is something really positive, and provide a lasting reminder of achievement.


With Easter just around the corner, we’ve designed a wonderful new range of badges with fun characters that are perfect to help you reward and motivate this spring. They’re also ideal to use as prizes and end of term gifts, or, of course, just to wear as badges… you never know when a button might go missing!


Our Easter badges are just one part of an eggcellent new range of Easter products. Take a look and start spring in style!



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