Are you sitting comfortably…?

Are you sitting comfortably…?
January 17, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Duck sticker: 'great reading'The art of storytelling has been alive and well since the dawn of time. Everybody loves a good story. They have the power to inspire, feed creative minds and can live with you forever. Fact or fiction, short or long, stories come in lots of shapes and sizes, and are something to be celebrated and remembered.


This year National Storytelling Week runs from the 26th January to the 2nd February, and is all about celebrating the rich history of storytelling. It’s a great opportunity to share stories, encourage reading, learn something new and have some fun. Take a look at the Society for Storytelling website for more information, ideas and resources for National Storytelling week.


Reward and motivate your storytellers with a great range of stickers and other rewards  to celebrate reading.



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