An Elephant, a Crocodile and a Penguin Walk into a Sticker Factory…

An Elephant, a Crocodile and a Penguin Walk into a Sticker Factory…
July 31, 2018 The Sticker Factory

Pick and mix reward stickersIt’s no joke, they’re just some of the designs on our fantastic pick n mix 20 pack option. We’ve got stickers for every occasion covered, from rewarding excellent attendance to encouraging healthy eating, good friend awards and medical stickers, as well as Christmas options, stickers to support reading, writing and spelling, and everything else in between. Simply select your favourite 20 designs from over 100 options (all the colours of the rainbow are there, as well as a huge assortment of designs and captions) and add them to your basket to start rewarding.

This super value sticker selection is a very economical way to buy stickers too and means that, for every 20 packs of 75 stickers you buy, you only pay for 10. So you can have 1500 stickers for £46.20,  over 50% off compared to buying them individually. It’s no laughing matter, just great value! Why not club together with a friend and save some more! Plus, this wonderful pick ‘n’ mix option also qualifies for free UK delivery.

What’s more, as with all of our stickers, these beauties are designed and printed right here in the UK. Great Britain, great stickers! Visit our website to have a serious look at these and the rest of our super rewards, and pick your perfect pack.

303 - 38mm pick n mix stickers - 15 sheets

Choose from these and so many more fantastic designs in our pick n mix 20 pack option!