An Amazon Adventure

An Amazon Adventure
April 18, 2012 The Sticker Factory

We’ve just begun an Amazon adventure! We’ve been venturing through forests, wrestling with introducing two different species, and have finally reached the other side where we can now just about see the forest for the trees!


Ok, so the forests are just forests of small print and the different species are us and Amazon, and the only wrestling going on is the usual things involved with starting a new ecommerce adventure. But nonetheless it has been an adventure, as exploring any unchartered web territory is bound to be!


We’ve been hearing quite a lot recently that Amazon is a good place to be as a business, and this has tied in perfectly with our ‘Stickers at Home’ launch. It also offers us a new platform to offer many of our much loved education products to a new audience.


We now have an storefront for The Sticker Factory Ltd, and are very excited at the prospect of more people discovering our stickers and more!


Please take a look. If you’ve had any experience of the products we have up and would be willing to write a short review about them on Amazon we’d really appreciate it, thank you!


To learn more about The Sticker Factory then visit our website or give us a call on 0800 055 6121


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