A stamper no classroom should be without

A stamper no classroom should be without
May 3, 2012 The Sticker Factory

3in1 stampStamps are a great resource for teachers and TAs for lots of reasons: they can help reduce marking time, provide thousands of impressions of a specific phrase and/ or image, and clearly reinforce messages. No classroom should be without a stamp!


One stamp is great, but 3 in 1 is surely even better! Many years ago we started producing 3 in 1 stamps as we thought it would be something that our customers would really find useful. Since launching them they have been a bestseller and a product that our customers come back for again and again (not that they have to do this very often as each 3 in 1 stamp provides 300,000 impressions!).


The handy 3 in 1 stamp comes in a variety of options. You can have one with:

3in1 stamp with dino, snail and whale image and captions













3in1 stamp with dion, bee and whale images and captions














You can even create your own customised 3 in 1 stamp. With 81 different bricks to choose from there really is something for everyone, from punctuation to praise, languages and so many more! With each brick providing 100,000 impressions they will last you a long time and are great value for money.


This is a stamper no classroom should be without!

3in1 stamp block: elephant image with the caption: capitals and full stops







Take a look at our 3 in 1 stamps, and if you want to create your own then you can do so here!



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