A Catch up with Curriculum Bee

A Catch up with Curriculum Bee
April 27, 2015 The Sticker Factory

curriculum sticker mixIt’s been nearly a year since we launched our range of 38mm National Curriculum stickers, all featuring our jolly buzzing ‘Curriculum Bee’. There are twelve options to choose from covering English, History, Maths, Computing and more and each has a subject specific captions and images, based on our reading of the new National Curriculum launched last year. What better way to check on their progress than by filling out a little school report.



English: Includes pictures and captions for spelling, correct use of punctuation and reading, these English curriculum stickers can’t not find a way to reward in English.


Maths: Fantastic rewards=motivated pupils. Easy as pi!


Science: The science teacher’s perfect alloy in rewarding junior geniuses!


History: Not rewarding children is all in the past with history curriculum stickers. Images on the set include the Magna Carta, a Tudor rose and a Viking longboat, perfect for history lessons.


Design & Technology: Woodwork and does! Perfect for building student’s achievement.


Physical Education: These PE stickers are a real winner. Captions include: ‘Star worker P.E’ and ‘brilliant balancing’, perfect for inspiring perspiring.


Geography: Always finds a way to reward. Great work in rewarding geography.


Art: Pretty as a picture, these stickers help you reward pupil’s achievement in art with ease-l.


Spanish: Buen trabagjo!


Music: The only request we have is that these stickers keep up the good work rewarding in music.


Computing: Completely excels at rewarding work in computing, with captions including: ‘Good work in computing’ and ‘I know how to debug’.


French: Tres bien! These National curriculum based stickers have a certain “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to motivating pupils.



This may be just a bit of fun but we have had some very positive feedback about our curriculum stickers from you, our lovely customers. At the Education Show recently we were very happy to hear that the subject specific captions were especially helpful and tied in well to learning objectives. It’s always fantastic to get feedback, please keep it coming!


Fly over to our website to have a peep at these and the rest of our super rewards.

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