10% off 3-in-1 stampers all month

10% off 3-in-1 stampers all month
September 5, 2012 The Sticker Factory

3-in-1 marking stamperStamps are a brilliant resource for teaching professionals for many reasons: they can help reduce marking time, provide thousands of impressions of a specific phrase and/ or image, and clearly reinforce messages.


Since the launch of our 3-in-1 stampers many years ago they have become one of our customers favourite products, and one they come back for time and again.


Throughout the whole of September you can have 10% off these brilliant stampers. No classroom should be without one! There are so many reasons why:


* You can create your own bespoke marking stamper from a choice of 81 stamper pads.


* You can also choose from 2 ready made options: ‘Independent work, T.A. assisted work and Teacher assisted work’ or ‘Independent work, Adult assisted work and Teacher assisted work’.


* Each 3-in-1 stamper pad provides 100,000 impressions, that’s a massive 300,000 in total!


* You can re-ink each 3-in-1 stamper pad with our 10ml replacement ink bottles (not that you’ll have to do this very often!).


* They provide high quality and mess free impressions.


* They can help cut down marking time.


Take a look at our range of 3-in-1 stampers, grab a great bargain and see how they can help you in the classroom.



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